I am Nathaniel F, your host for Monkey Fiction. Why “Monkey Fiction”? Because putting depth into a name is a great way to burn two hours and get nothing out of it. So, “Monkey Fiction”, and my user image is a goddamn monkey because that’s just how it is now.

Almost none of you will recognize me as the “tough old hombre” who writes churnalistic clickbait for The Truth About Guns’ arch-nemesis site,, but that’s OK because sometimes these two worlds are best kept separate.

I’ve been writing fiction longer than I’ve been writing actual productive serious business work, but I’ve done an awful job finishing anything, much less getting it published. Despite churning out 10 crappy articles about black rifles and Glocks per week for the past two and a half years, I’m still pretty shy about writing fiction. Like a young blushing maid, me. Except with a beard.

So we’re ripping this Band-Aid right off and going public with it. I’ve been working on a novelette thing as a side project for a couple months now just to keep myself well-rounded, and in classical me fashion writing it has been like trying to breathe molasses. Slow and painful. As a sort of hot iron on my butt, I’m making it into a serial here, so enjoy, or – more likely – show your utter contempt in the comments!

P.S., I don’t have a name for it yet, so in keeping with my background, I’ve assigned it a designation instead. Oh, and one of my goals was to not include any guns at all in the story, and in the spirit of that we’ll begin with the thing furthest from the tactical geardo world as is technically feasible with modern technology: A teenage girl having a meltdown.

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