CHAPTER 3: WAKE The cave was part of a very old system of the sort that, if it had been discovered by man, would have been the site of furious paleontological study. Its walls and ceilings, unadorned by stalactite formations, wrapped around a wide antechamber that led to several lesser chambers. The rock from which […]



I guess we have a title now. You are reading something called “Heartblood.” It’s not a romance. Enjoy or whatever.

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JUNEAU EMPIRE Two children missing in Kupreanof after camping trip gone wrong Madison and Joshua Clark were reported missing in Tongass National Forest earlier this afternoon Posted: July 21, 2017 – 7:58pm By Nick Moss KUPREANOF – Madison and Joshua Clark of Hilliard, OH have gone missing on the Northeastern end of Kupreanof Island, near […]


HEARTBLOOD, Chapter 2: It

Her brain first registered it as a shoulder-high mound of moss and forest detritus, but too many facts contradicted that interpretation. The mound swayed gently and emitted a faint, irregular crunching noise; just behind it, something like a wide, leafless, thick-limbed bush rocked back and forth in time. The conflict of her brain wanting to […]

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HEARTBLOOD, Chapter 1: Alaska

CHAPTER 1: ALASKA The Clark family vacation was a yearly affair. Every July, they would pack up their tents, portable gas stoves, outdoor clothes, and plenty of mosquito repellent, and drive to the airport to board a plane for Alaska. Thomas Clark, Maddie’s father, had a good relationship with a local travel agent office, which […]

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When the phone hit the wall, its screen shattered and flickered off. The palm-sized slate of aluminum and high strength glass broke the light blue paint on the wall, and the plaster under it. Maddie’s shriek half a beat later broke the limit of her voice, and she descended into sobs. Brad had been Maddie’s […]

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I am Nathaniel F, your host for Monkey Fiction. Why “Monkey Fiction”? Because putting depth into a name is a great way to burn two hours and get nothing out of it. So, “Monkey Fiction”, and my user image is a goddamn monkey because that’s just how it is now. Almost none of you will recognize […]

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