I wanted to really quickly update the blog with some information regarding exactly what Heartblood is, the direction it’s heading, and what readers can expect in terms of the site and story management. For that one person worried about spoilers, there won’t be any here.

Heartblood is, currently, a web serial, but it is being written with the goal of turning it into a novel that will be distributed here on the site in EPUB format for free. Put another way, Heartblood is an in-progress, actively edited public first draft of the novel I am working on. That means that chapters are not set in stone once they are published here – in fact in just the short time the story has been live, all published chapters have been edited more than once (I am an editing junky).

There is no schedule for completion of new Heartblood chapters; they may go up multiple times in a single week, or there may be two weeks or more between updates. Heartblood is an ongoing side-project, and therefore secondary to what makes me money, which is writing nonfiction for TFB and other outlets. Still, my goal is to get the initial story wrapped up in a few months, and right now that seems achievable (Me a few months from now: Hah hah hah).

Heartblood‘s plot isn’t completely finished, but it is currently bounded by some goals I have for the story, and a desire to complete it at something like normal novel length. Still, the events in the story have been planned out well beyond the chapters already published or unpublished in the draft file. I might get writer’s block at some point, but I don’t expect that to happen for some time.

That’s it.


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